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I bought out Petes Cycles in Eugene Oregon from Billy McQuail and started Tattoo Alley Motorcycles in 1988. I bought out the parts inventory and took over his building on Roosevelt Blvd in Eugene. I initially wanted the location for my Tattoo Studio and the motorcycle shop was a bonus as I purchased the inventory for about 10 cents on the dollar and took over the lease. Truth was I didnt have the money to cover the check but I had already sent the parts list to an old friend of mine up in Albany Oregon, Bob Mcaa. I kept a good deal of the parts but the next day I sold the rest of the inventory for enough to cover my check and to make my first parts order.

At the time I was building a hardtail panhead out of spare parts in my livingroom. I was a little over 10 years into my Tattoo carreer which was beginning to be an actuall means of living for me. I had started riding Harleys at about the time I first picked up a tattoo machine. I was a "learn it by doing it" kind of guy and so working on harleys I learned a lot and collected a lot of used parts and by 1988 I was building that Pan - I had grafted a set of late panheads onto a 70s cone Shovelhead bottom end, the whole thing was mix and matched years and models. You can see that old Panhead in the upper left corner of our pages.

My priority then was opening my Tattoo Studio so all the parts went into a corner in the back of the building and the back door opened into the alley in the back. The back door became the front door of Tattoo Alley Motorcycles. I was only at that location a year or so but when I moved, the motorcycle shop was tucked in the back again, opening out to the alley. That was Junction City from the end of '88 and '89. In late 1990 I moved back to Eugene and bought a big place on 6th Ave. Once again the Motorcycle shop faced the back Alley. 14 years later I moved the whole shebang to Springfield on Main St. I didnt have alley access there but it was still in the back of the building. I spent 9 years on Main St in Springfield and when I lost the lease in 2013, I decided it was time to close shop, maybe retire.

Oops, didnt retire, instead after about a year I reopened another tattoo shop with my wife Mistie. A couple of years at that location and we bought a house down in Drain and moved down here and opened another Tattoo shop.

I have continued to work on a few bikes (mostly mine it seemed like) over the last few years and I still had most of my motorcycle tools so when I decided to start a new major build about a year ago, I figured it was time to start Tattoo Cycles back up. The showroom and counters are in the front of the Tattoo Shop, and the workshop is still in the alley, so here I am back again. Riding and wrenchin and making custom bikes for over 45 years.

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